Russian Roulette- one in a million chance

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Russian Roulette- one in a million chance

Postby mmiller » Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:38 pm

If Russian roulette is say a million chambers with only one bullet, how many people would pull the trigger if they knew they could save one minute of their lives? Say they are doing something they detest and want to get out of it, like driving in busy traffic, waiting for lights, traffic jams etc. In order to get out of that mess, would you or anyone you know be willing to pull the trigger in a very high probability of not shooting oneself in order to save one minute of your life? Let's say it's one bullet in ten thousand chambers, but the time savings could be one whole hour. I see people all the time making that decision as they drive. Hasn't happened before (to them), it's such a small chance for disaster, so why not go for the gusto?
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Postby mmiller » Fri Mar 19, 2010 1:52 pm

The corollary would be to ask if you would pull the trigger on someone else with those circumstances? That is, if you could save a minute of your time, could you risk someone else's life if the risk is only one in a million? Or perhaps one in ten thousand? Suppose you are agitated at their behavior, like they are annoying, or doing something wrong, would you be more likely? SUppose you are driving along the road with full right of way, but somebody is completely in the wrong, like walking across the road, or not yielding you the right of way while driving? Would anyone feel justified in pulling the trigger on them if you could save, say five whole minutes of time, and the risk of killing them is one in a hundred? It depends how righteous or annoyed you are a the time to make a decision that a few moments of your time is worth more than their life, especially if they are legally in the wrong on the road, or you are particulary agitated. Or perhaps, maybe they are legally right, but you don't know that, would it be okay with this, or in any circumstance for that matter?

Of course, I'm sure no one here would be that crazy. Afterall, one must rationally realize that sacrificing a minute of one's time is preempted by the importance of life. But, unfortunately, judging by what I have experienced and observed personally, much of our society, does not, it appears.
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Postby davar55 » Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:38 pm

It's said that flying is safer than driving, in that the chance of a
fatal plane crash is like only one in one hundred thousand, while
a fatal driving accident is significantly more likely. But do the
numbers really matter? Flying is SAFE by any rational measure.
Would you send your child on a flight rather than have her take
the bus across country? Almost certainly. Do you do this because
the odds of survival are greater? I doubt it.

Road rage and aggressive driving are problems endemic to our
society. My perspective is that they are emotional consequences
of other factors and not subject to a rational decision process.
Which is a #@%$! shame.

Perhaps the solution would be to install an emotion-meter in
every car, and if the driver exceeds some threshold, the soothing
strains of his favorite soft music would gently calm him down.
Better than Russian Roulette.
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Postby W. Marshall Moseley » Mon Jul 12, 2010 6:12 pm

Actually; mmiller, I see this as your one in a million chance to exhibit a leadership role.
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