Marilyn's ancestors

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Marilyn's ancestors

Postby robert 46 » Thu Feb 23, 2012 10:08 am

Parade wrote:Ask Marilyn: Has Marilyn Written About Einstein?
ask marilyn Marilyn vos Savant February 22, 2012
Erik Banks of Dayton, Ohio, writes:

Marilyn: Hello, I read with interest that you are a direct descendant of Ernst Mach. Have you ever written about Mach or his influence on Einstein?

Marilyn responds:

No, I don't have the expertise to do the subject justice. Readers, Dr. Banks is the author of Ernst Mach's World Elements (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003).

Marilyn is being disingenuous about the rumor "you are a direct descendant of Ernst Mach." [1]

Here is a genealogy of Ernst Mach: [2]
Code: Select all
Adam Wenzel Mach m. 1688 Marie Prosche
c. Johan Wenzel
    c. Johann Joseph 1782-1806
       c. Johann Nepomuk 1805-1879 m. 1836 Josepha Karoline Theresa Krascens 1813-1869
          c. Ernst (the philosopher/scientist) 1838-1916 m. 1867 Ludovica Marussig 1845-1919
1. Ludwig 1868-1951 m. 1901 Reginie Von Reinauld
   c. Anna Karma 1887-

2. Carolina 1873-1965 m. 1894 Anton Lederer 1870-1932
   c. Ernst Anton 1895-

3. Heinrich 1874-1894

4. Felix 1879-1933

5. Victor 1881-1940 m. ? ?
   c. Walther 1921-
      c. Ernst 1943-
         c. Carolin Madeleine 1967-

Unless Marilyn can prove a link to any of the sons, or identify any missing children of Ernst Mach, she is not a direct descendant of Ernst Mach.

Actually, I have never seen Marilyn claim to be a direct descendant of Ernst Mach, but rather that he was a collateral relative through some common ancestor- yet to be identified.

It really behoves Marilyn to clear up this matter by presenting facts, rather than idly standing by while the rumor spreads.

Code: Select all
Joseph vos Savant m. Mary Savant
  c. Marina

Anton Mach m. Anna Moravec
c. Joseph Anton Mach m. Marina vos Savant [see above]
    1. Joseph Anton? 1938?-
    2. Robert 1941?-
    3. Marilyn Ann 1946-

[2] ... en&f=false
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Postby robert 46 » Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:20 am

JO 753, from End of the world topic wrote:I guess I'm doing the nitpiking now. :D

Are you sure she is not a decendant of his?

To be a descendant of Ernst Mach, Marilyn would have to be a descendant of one of the children. Marilyn's family surname is Mach, and Marilyn has said that her ancestors came from the same region of Europe as Ernst Mach. Marilyn's grandmother, Anna Moravec, is Czech; and Ernst Mach came from Moravia which was then the Czech part of Austria. I see no problem with the Machs of that region being related, and it may well be that Marilyn and Ernst Mach are collateral relatives. It would be nice to have the common ancestor identified. However, there is no information or implication that Marilyn is a direct descendant of Ernst Mach.
I had a glance at that, and don't recall seeing a maternal line. Did I not look carefully enough?

The claim is that there is a relationship through Marilyn's paternal ancestors.
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Postby robert 46 » Sat Mar 03, 2012 10:47 am

The entry for Marilyn in Wikipedia says, "she is a descendant of physicist and philosopher Ernst Mach.[3]"

Footnote [3] is:
^ Michael Vitez (12 October 1988). "Two of a Kind". The Chicago Tribune.

And the article states:

"His [Robert Jarvik's] wife [Marilyn] gets more room in the office, with her personal computer against the windows, bookshelves behind her filled with encyclopedias (how redundant!), and hanging on the wall are framed birth certificates of her ancestors, one of whom is Ernst Mach, the scientist whose name is inseparable from the speed of sound." -Two Of A Kind, Michael Vitez ... al-enquiry

Definition of ANCESTOR
1a : one from whom a person is descended and who is usually more remote in the line of descent than a grandparent.

If Marilyn has a birth certificate of Ernst Mach on her office wall as a claim that he is an ancestor, it is her burden to prove the line of descent by identifying the intervening ancestors back to Ernst Mach.
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